01/09/2013 15:51

Congratulations Mishka, I'm so looking forward to your new venture and best wishes on its success!

01/09/2013 16:51

Sooo excited for you dear Mishka!! WOW I'm looking forward to seeing what yummies you put up!!! Well done, what a wonderful journey and thing to keep you "refreshed" for your treasures!!
Smiles Sharnee :)

01/09/2013 20:37

Looks great Mishka! Well done to you and Dirk :)

Jude Andrews
02/09/2013 02:51

When I have seen your wonderful cookery photos I had hoped that you would publish them like this...so good

Deb anderson
02/09/2013 04:14

So happy for you both....this will travel in the U.S.A. Via me! Much luck to your endeavor!

02/09/2013 04:27

Ah ha! A blog for kitchen tragics such as myself. A lovely looking tart, so easy to make, and so visually effective! Thanks for the tips, guys!

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